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NRA members hope young people have a promising future

School Shooting Florida

The National Rifle Association is not afraid of our young people. We have faith in them. We hope their future is bright and and promising. We love them; they are our flesh and blood. RELATED: “Standard Deviations: Gun owners should be afraid of teenagers' newfound activism” Our...


We need common-sense gun control


In response to “Media has contributed to America’s moral decline, gun violence,” a letter from Scott Stanford published March 4: Most people are not calling for gun prohibition; rather, they are calling for common-sense gun control. Alcohol prohibition, which forbade production,...


We're rigorous about car licensing and operation. Apply the same thinking to guns


The debate over guns can get heated at times, and it really does not need to. We can solve many of the issues without taking anybody’s guns away. Guns laws need to be more rigorous. The problem we have is guns in the hands of people who want to do harm to other people. We have characterized...


Student hopes school shootings will soon be a thing of the past

Gun Violence School Walkout-10

My friends and I were given the opportunity to protest against gun violence Wednesday, March 14. I walked out to a field during third period and joined my friends outside for 17 minutes to represent and think about the 17 kids who were killed in the recent shooting in Florida. It was a great...


A rifle is inanimate and cannot assault anyone

Las Vegas Shooting Weapons

According to my dictionary, assault is: "a threat or attempt to strike or otherwise do physical harm to a person.” I have never seen a rifle assault anyone by itself. A weapon is inanimate. So how can a rifle assault someone without a human misusing it. It is interesting how the National...


Adults, don't belittle the opinions of students trying to inspire change

Secondary BZ 031418 Weber High School Walkout 05-7

Wednesday at Layton High School, we participated in the national walkout movement. Although not all attendees agreed politically, we were unified in two causes: First to respect and honor those victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting a month ago, and second to motivate our peers to raise...


Consumers don't choose how manufacturers package their products

SW 012518 Recycled Earth 01

Concerning the recent articles about recycling, it is pointless to blame the consumer for producing all the garbage you’re so worried about. We don’t choose the packaging our purchases come in. Personally, I loathe the plastic bubble packaging, but manufacturers and retailers love it...


Stop purchasing single-use plastics

BZ 060816 Recycling 05-2

I am writing in regards to the multiple articles written about the region’s recycling issues. While this is important for the time being, we do need to shift some our focus to address the core issue: reducing plastic production. Plastic has become a cheap convenience and is getting out of...


GOP is a one-ring circus with a delusional ringmaster

Trump walks

I returned a Republican survey uncompleted. I once had some respect for the party. That has been eviscerated by the man selected to lead the GOP and by Congress with its lack of disaster recognition. The president in almost every respect is a liar or he allows distortions and petty grievances to...


Use military personnel to guard public schools

Manning Wikileaks

President Donald Trump wants to have our school teachers carry guns and defend our students from gun-toting terrorists. This is a bad idea. Our teachers have enough to do educating, guiding, testing and evaluating students — not to mention that most teachers would not have the heart to shoot...

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